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Welcome to Sparkle Family Dentistry, an inviting and modern dental practice of Dr. Sahar and Dr. Reza Mehr. Located in southern Torrance, CA, our dentist near you is only a few miles away from the breathtaking beaches of Rancho Palos Verdes and Redondo Beach, as well as Carson, Crenshaw, and Sepulveda Blvd.

Our office is the center of cosmetic dentistry and dental implants near you for those patients who are seeking treatments based on professionalism and scientific evidence. We honor our patients’ expectations by artistry and innovative methods.

We believe that compassion, trust, and quality are a must in dental treatments and our efforts are only worthwhile when you are delighted with your smile. Our professional team is accountable and knows the power of science and experience; we promise to apply this power to change the lives of patients at our dentist in Torrance.

We customize our treatments for every patient, from straightforward simple restorations and teeth cleaning to life changing solutions like bone augmentation, sinus lifting and full mouth reconstruction. Our mission is to give the quality of life back to our patients and this is our expertise based on combined 35 years of training, research, experience, and our cutting-edge technology. This guides the way we treat our patients.

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Reza Mehr

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Dr. Sahar Mehr

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Dental Assistant

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Your First Dental Visit

Your first dental visit at Sparkle Family Dentistry is modified based on your dental condition, emergency needs, and your treatment priorities. However, there are some standard steps that help us to diagnose the problems comprehensively. These assessments are necessary because an ideal treatment plan can’t be achieved without a precise diagnosis.

After sitting in dental chair, your doctor will review your medical and dental history. In some patients it is needed to modify the treatments in proportion to systemic medical and/or oral condition.

Second step is clinical evaluation of your teeth surfaces, gums, lips, and oral soft tissues. Cancer screening will be done at this step.

Impression of teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues is taken for fabrication of diagnostic models.

Radiographic exam includes different techniques such as simple digital X rays, Pano, and CT scan. One or more of them will be used to evaluate the jaws’ bone, teeth’s roots, impacted teeth, joints and/or existing pathologic lesions.

In some cases, we use additional diagnostic tools like tooth vitality tests and intra oral high-resolution photography to find inflammatory changes inside the teeth or small cracks or abnormalities.

After careful evaluation of the data, Doctors will discuss the treatment options and alternatives with you, and our treatment coordinator will answer your questions about the treatment costs, financing, PPO insurance and other dental insurances.

Now you can choose your appropriate treatment in view of your priorities, clinical preferences, treatment costs and your time frame.

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Our Associations

3D Computed Tomography
Sinus Lift Kit

Our Technology

Our office is equipped with the cutting-edge technologies in order to provide the most up to date treatments:

  • 3D computed tomography (CT) scan: The best device for detecting vital structures like nerves, vessels, and sinuses before starting dental implants and reconstructive procedures. It’s also useful for evaluation of pathologic lesions such as cysts and tumors.
  • Piezoelectric surgery: High frequency ultrasonic movements of Piezosurgery device decreases tissue destruction and trauma. We use this technology to minimize inflammation and pain.
  • Orthopantomogram (OPG): Provides wide-view Panoramic X-ray of upper and lower jaws and gives the practitioner a better understanding of the position and arrangement of teeth, especially the wisdom teeth.
  • Digital X-ray: Minimum dose of radiation and perfect for detection of small cavities and bone loss around the teeth.
  • HD Intraoral cameras and digital photography: For evaluation of teeth surfaces and detecting cracks, anomalies and pathologies using magnification and high-resolution images.
  • Diode Laser surgery: For small surgical modifications in delicate soft tissues of oral cavity.
  • WaveOne gold files & Digital handpieces: The last technology for effective cleaning of teeth canals in Root Canal Therapy.
  • Sinus lift kit: Useful for lifting the maxillary sinus floor and bone graft in patients who are not ideal candidates for implant placement in the upper jaw due to insufficient bone.
  • Digital Intraoral Scanner: The impression of teeth and gums can be a hard experience for patients with gag reflex, sensitive mucosa, and/or temporomandibular joint pain. Digital scanners help us record the dimensions and form of oral tissues for smile design, dental veneers, and dental implants and save them in the patient’s file; therefore, we don’t need to take multiple impressions. This new technology helps fabricate precise restorations in complex cases and evaluate teeth relation before Invisalign treatment or braces with minimum error.

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