Our office is equipped with numerous cutting-edge technologies to provide the most up-to-date treatments for our patients:

3D computed tomography (CT) scan: The best 3D dental imaging device for detecting vital structures like nerves, vessels, and sinuses before dental implants and reconstructive procedures. It’s also useful for evaluating pathologic lesions such as cysts and tumors as part of an oral cancer screening. We are one of the closest offices offering this type of cone-beam CT scan near you.

Piezoelectric surgery: The high-frequency ultrasonic movements of the Piezosurgery device decreases tissue destruction and trauma. We use this technology to minimize inflammation and pain during piezo dental surgery, shortening recovery time and greatly reducing overall pain.

Orthopantomogram (OPG): Provides a wide-view digital panoramic X-ray of upper and lower jaws and gives the dental practitioner a better understanding of the position and arrangement of teeth, especially the wisdom teeth. Orthopantomogram radiology allows us to comprehensively approach each patient’s needs.

Digital X-ray: A digital dental X-ray uses the minimum necessary radiation dose, perfect for detecting small cavities and bone loss around the teeth. The dental X-ray is often an important first step in our patient evaluation process.

HD Intraoral cameras and digital photography: Intraoral cameras are dental tools for evaluating tooth surfaces to detect cracks, anomalies, and pathologies using magnification and high-resolution images. Cameras allow us to record and review footage at any time to help us keep our patient’s treatment plans up-to-date.

Diode Laser surgery: For small surgical modifications in the delicate soft tissues. The precise laser allows us to remove damaged tissue and is an important new technology for preparing oral tissues before braces, dental implants, and crown and bridge work.

WaveOne gold files & Electric handpieces: The latest technology for effectively cleaning the canals during root canal therapy. WaveOne Gold files are the latest endodontic file for use in smaller and narrower canal spaces. Electric handpieces allow us to work more precisely and reduce tissue damage during the procedure.

Sinus lift kit: A specialized process for lifting the maxillary sinus floor and performing a bone graft in patients who are not ideal candidates for implant placement in the upper jaw due to insufficient bone. Sometimes called a sinus augmentation, this procedure is sometimes required before getting implants.

Digital Intraoral Scanner: Dental digital scanners help us record the dimensions and form of oral tissues before smile design, dental veneers, and dental implants. This allows us to save the scan in the patient’s file, eliminating the need to take multiple impressions over time. Intraoral 3d scanner technology can help us to fabricate precise restorations and to evaluate teeth relation before Invisalign treatment or braces.

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