Endodontics in Torrance, CA

You may need the intervention of a professional endodontist for detailed diagnosis and correction. Nowadays, there are several alternatives available for dental treatment. Oftentimes, the only alternative to endodontic surgery provided by dentists near me is extraction. The cavity is then filled by using fillings, bridges, or removable partials.

Although dental replacements are extremely effective in their own way, there is nothing like retaining natural teeth for normal functions like speaking, chewing, and eating. In a majority of cases, the tooth in question can be saved with proper endodontic treatment and aftercare from our dentist 90505.

Any of our dentists open on Saturday near me will be happy to discuss endodontic therapy procedures with you so you can weigh your options and decide.

What You Should Know About Endodontics

The benefit of choosing endodontics in Torrance, CA, is that you will have a healthy, functioning tooth for a long time to come.

Patients often experience pain in the head, neck, or ear due to an untreated dental infection lurking in the roots. An endodontist is trained to examine the vast network of nerves in the mouth, diagnose the cause, and treat the pain.

Endodontics near me may also involve dividing the tooth in half, removing a root(s), or repairing injured roots. In certain cases, the infected or damaged tooth may be extracted, treated with endodontic therapy, and replanted in the tooth socket.

Endodontic therapy is also very useful in replanting fractured or injured teeth that have been impacted due to trauma.

Root Canal Endodontic Treatment at Sparkle Family Dentistry

Our specialized dentist in Torrance, CA, may perform a root canal when there is infection or inflammation in the dental root. They will first use sedation or local anesthetic and clean out the infected pulp.

The endodontist will then clean, disinfect, and shape the root canal and finally seal the now-empty cavity with a dental sealant to prevent exposure to bacteria.

Our dentists in Torrance perform hundreds of root canal treatments safely, effectively, and comfortably every year. You can also get your dental sealant in Torrance, CA, at our office.

We suggest that you should get the tooth examined every 6 to 12 months to ensure that proper healing is taking place.

Explore our website for our wide array of dental services and treatment options offered by our dentist near you. Our clinic is found neighboring Carson, Redondo Beach, Crenshaw, and Palos Verdes, so don’t hesitate to visit our dentist near you open Saturday when you have a dental issue.

Apicoectomy dental services in Torrance, California

An apicoectomy surgery — also known as a root-end resection — is a standard dental procedure that removes inflamed gum tissue from the end of a tooth’s root. It’s a minor procedure that typically takes place if a root canal fails.

If the tooth doesn’t fully heal after a root canal and becomes reinfected, your dentist will use an apicoectomy to remove any damaged tissue rather than pulling out the tooth. You might also need an apicoectomy to treat fractures, bone loss, and injuries. Other times, apicoectomies remove calcium deposits from the root canal or a root with a hole in it.

Apicoectomies are a relatively simple procedure. First, your dentist will take an x-ray to understand what’s happening with your tooth and any surrounding tissue. Then, they will numb the area, make a small incision, and cut out the infected tissue. Once they’re finished, they’ll stitch up your gums, and you’re good to go home.

You may experience minor bleeding afterward, but most patients can resume normal life the next day. You can brush and floss like normal, but avoid the stitches. Take ibuprofen if you need to manage the pain and get some rest.

If you’re searching for apicoectomy near me, Sparkle Family Dentistry has you covered. We offer apicoectomy services in Torrance and can help you decide if this procedure is the best option. Book a consultation with us now.

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