How to Take Care of Your Teeth After Whitening?
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How to Take Care of Your Teeth After Whitening?

Teeth whitening is one of the best smile enhancement procedures you can get. It is fast, affordable, and requires little maintenance compared to other dental cosmetic procedures. Taking care of your teeth after dental whitening does not guarantee that your teeth will remain white forever. Regardless, it is a sure way to guarantee they stay white for an extended period. So, ensure you follow the tips below to keep your teeth looking white for years to come.

Avoid Taking Coffee and Tea

Most of us have the habit of taking coffee or tea to help kick start our day. We have adapted to this routine so much that we sometimes take coffee to stay awake at night instead of resting. They are also said to have numerous health benefits besides stimulating the brain. But do you know about the side effects of consuming these beverages regularly?

Both coffee and tea have been found to cause dental staining. They contain tannins which are organic substances mostly found in plants that cause teeth discolorations. Quitting coffee or tea within short notice is nearly impossible since most of us are almost addicted to them. However, slowly reducing your daily intake and substituting them with alternative healthy beverages such as milk may help you get used to living without them. Talk to your dentist when you go for teeth whitening in Torrance for more tips on how to stop taking tea and coffee in the morning.

Don’t Take Acidic Food and Beverages

Another way to avoid damaging your white teeth is to avoid acidic food and beverages. Many people don’t believe healthy foods like lime, lemons, and oranges could be bad for their teeth. However, research confirms that any food and beverage with acid will damage your teeth regardless of whether they have other health benefits. The acid weakens the enamel of your teeth, making them more susceptible to decay and stains.

You don’t have to cut these off completely; you can still take them but in moderation. Furthermore, ensure they don’t always come in contact with your teeth, especially posterior teeth like incisors which are prone to staining. For example, you can turn fruits into juices instead of biting or chewing them directly to reduce contact with acids from the fruits and use a straw when drinking sodas.

Eat Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables

Certain food items can benefit your teeth as they help them retain their white appearance. For example, textured fruits and vegetables are an excellent way to stay healthy. They have numerous health benefits and also go a long way in keeping your teeth healthy. A few examples of fruits and vegetables good for your teeth are apples, carrots, celery, and green beans.

The foods we listed cause your mouth to release more saliva, which helps clean your teeth and eliminate bacteria. In addition, their crunchy texture helps scrub away stains and food particles from your teeth’ surface.

Practice Good Dental Hygiene

Good dental hygiene will prevent teeth discolorations and protect you from other dental problems like tooth decay. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss regularly to remove food particles and prevent bacteria accumulation. Use a good toothpaste and toothbrush for the best results. If you don’t know which type of toothbrush and toothpaste product to use, talk to a dentist in Torrance for recommendations. Additionally, ensure you rinse your mouth with water and brush your teeth soon after consuming starch or candy to reduce the chances of dental stains and decay.

Quit Smoking and Consuming Red Wine

Smoking is a major cause of dental stains and could cause other health problems like lung cancer. If you are a regular smoker, try to limit the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day until you can stop entirely. If you find this hard to do, talk to a professional for tips on how to give up smoking.

Red wine and other colored beverages and food should be consumed in moderation. They contain food colors and tannin, which can cause dental etching and result in teeth discoloration.

Go for Regular Dental Checkups, Whitening, and Cleanings

Dental whitening is not permanent. Following our after-care tips will cause your teeth to stay white for longer, but the results won’t be permanent. The best way to ensure your teeth remain clean, white, and in perfect health is to regularly visit a cosmetic dentist in Torrance for checkups, cleanings, and teeth whitening near you.


Tooth whitening is an effective cosmetic procedure that allows you to smile without feeling embarrassed about your dental appearance. However, the aesthetic benefits of teeth whitening require good after-care to maintain for an extended period. Follow the tips above to learn how to keep your teeth white for an extended period. Then, visit Sparkle Family Dentistry for regular dental checkups, whitening, and cleanings. We accept dental insurance and other popular payment methods to make treatment affordable for all our patients.

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