Essential Information You Must Have about Dental Bonding

Essential Information You Must Have about Dental Bonding

May 1, 2021

Are you unhappy with your teeth’ appearance? Do you feel unattractive because of the dental imperfections affecting you? Dental bonding provides an excellent solution to resolve the dental problems affecting you in one visit to the dentist near me. We can help you understand more about the dental bonding procedure by providing a few facts about the process and the benefits.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a procedure using composite resin material matching the natural sheen of your teeth. When you visit dental bonding near me to enhance the appearance of your teeth, the dentist applies the composite resin directly to your tooth to let it dry. Dentists also make use of ultraviolet light to harden the composite resin faster before sculpting and shaping the tooth. The composite resin material bonds directly to the tooth enamel to improve the appearance of the tooth or teeth that you want to be bonded.

Advantages of Dental Bonding

Affordable Procedure

Cosmetic dental procedures are costly and exceeding the reach of many. Thankfully dental bonding cost in Torrance, CA, is affordable than many other cosmetic dental treatments. The funds you pay depends on how many teeth you want to have bonded. Dental bonding is a beneficial procedure because your teeth are bonded in one visit to the dentist’s office and don’t require multiple visits unless you must have cavities filled. The dental bonding procedure does not require any anesthesia helping you save time and money besides the anxiety of visiting dental bonding in Torrance multiple times.

Hiding Tooth Imperfections

Dental bonding can solve multiple dental imperfections affecting many people. Dental bonding hides minor chips and cracks from accidents or injuries, and you may also consider it to whiten discolored teeth from foods and beverages or smoking. If you have specific areas on your front teeth affected by decay, you can proceed with dental bonding to conceal the particular spot. Finally, you can also use dental bonding to reshape your teeth to achieve the angular shape you desire.

Dental Bonding a Suitable Alternative for Amalgam Fillings

If you have amalgam fillings in your mouth, you can consider replacing them with the composite resin used in dental bonding. Unlike amalgam fillings, composite resin blends well with your natural teeth and is not noticeable when you smile or talk. Dental bonding helps conceal several defects with your teeth, making it an effective solution to enhance your teeth’ appearance.

Accomplished In One Sitting

Dental bonding in Torrance, CA, completes the dental bonding procedure in one sitting at the dentist’s office. The process is safe and entirely painless besides affordable. The Torrance dentist applies an etching solution to the targeted tooth for bonding. The etching solution makes the tooth rough to help the bonding material adhere to it. The bonding resin is applied in layers by the dentist depending on the thickness required to treat the targeted tooth.

Dental bonding requires 30 to 60 minutes per tooth and is usually completed in one visit to the dentist’s office. However, if you need an extensive bonding procedure, you must schedule multiple appointments to correct your teeth.

Reliable Treatment to Cover Dental Imperfections

When you decide to have your tooth bonded, you may wonder how long does dental bonding last, especially if you are having multiple teeth bonded. Let us explain how you can make it last for quite some time by taking good care of your teeth.

Composite resin bonding is not as durable as veneers but has the potential to remain on your teeth for up to a decade. If you want to prolong the lifespan of dental bonding, you must begin caring for your teeth appropriately. It will be helpful if you avoid eating hard foods like candy and ice cubes.

If you are accustomed to biting complex objects like pen caps, pencils, and fingernails, the habits are better avoided to ensure the dental bonding material doesn’t chip and crack. The durability of dental bonding is not similar to your natural teeth, and you must make every effort possible to keep your bonded teeth in excellent condition.

Dental bonding undoubtedly improves the appearance of your teeth and smile. However, it is crucial that you maintain the bonded teeth and prevent damages to them as best possible. Practicing excellent oral hygiene and visiting your dentist for regular checkups are also essential.

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