Dental Implants: Surgery, Advantages, And Risks
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Dental Implants: Surgery, Advantages, And Risks

Dental implant surgery replaces your tooth roots with screw-like titanium posts to replace missing teeth with artificial teeth that look and function like your original natural teeth. The procedure can be used with other restorative alternatives like dentures and bridges that do not fit well. Implants are also an option when natural teeth roots don’t allow a bridge tooth replacement placement.

Dental implants in Torrance procedure depends on the type of implant and the condition of the patient’s jawbone. The procedure may involve several processes. The main purpose of implant surgery is to support your new teeth, after which the bone heals around the implanted root. Since the bone requires healing time, the complete process can take a few months.

The dental Implant Surgery


Since the dental implant process near you requires more than one surgical process, the following evaluation processes are necessary.

  • Dental Exam – Your dentist may need to take X-rays and 3D images to fabricate your teeth and jaw models.
  • Medical history review – Notify your dentist of any medical conditions and medications taken, including previous over-the-counter medicine and supplements. If you have some heart conditions and or other implants, the dentist in Torrance may recommend antibiotics to prevent infection.
  • Treatment plan – Your dentist develops a treatment plan that aligns with your specific situation, considering factors like how many teeth you need to be replaced and the condition of your remaining teeth and jawbone.

Placing the Implant

To place the dental implant, your dental surgeon makes an incision on your gums to expose the jawbone. They then drill a hole in the bone where the implant and the titanium post is placed. The post acts as an original tooth root, so it must be deeply implanted into the jawbone.

Till then, you still have the missing tooth gap, so your dentist 90505 issues a temporary denture for appearance. This denture is removable for tooth cleaning and during sleep.

Placing the Abutment

You must wait for several months for the jaw bone to fuse with the implanted metal post in a process called osseointegration.

After this process, your dentist may perform additional surgery to place the artificial crown. This process is mainly done in an outpatient surgery with anesthesia.

To place the abutment, your dentist reopens your gum tissue, so the dental implant is visible, then attaches the abutment crown to the dental implants in Torrance. They then close the gum tissue on the abutment, but not over it.

Risks Involved

There are not many risks involved with professional dental implant surgery near Old Torrance. However, when they occur, it may involve:

  • Infection around the implant area
  • Damage to the surrounding structures like teeth and blood vessels
  • Nerve damage that causes pain, inflammation and tingling in the lips and chin
  • Sinus problems when implants are placed on the lower jaw

How Long Do Dental Implants Last

A dental implant can last a lifetime if you maintain healthy care routines, including regular brushing and flossing. Of course, this is also assuming that the patient attends dental checkups every six months.

However, the crown may last for about 10 -15 years before it needs to be replaced due to tear and wear. You can extend the crown’s lifespan past 15 years with good dental care.

Alternatives to Dental Implants

Although dental implants are considered superior tooth replacement options, there are other alternatives to the procedure.

Complete mouth dentures are effective alternatives to dental implants. They are designed to replace the complete tooth loss in the upper or lower jaws. They also resemble and work like your natural teeth but are not as effective as implants.

You can also have partial dentures instead of dental implants in place of missing teeth. They are used when you have several missing natural teeth, not all. With partial dentures, you can speak and eat easily, like with your natural teeth.

Finally, you can have fixed bridges instead of implants or dentures. Unlike dentures, they are set in place, so they look and function more like natural teeth. They are also more comfortable than dentures.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Better Appearance: Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth since they fuse with the jawbone and become permanent.

Improved comfort: Since they fuse with the bone and become part of your body, they eliminate the discomfort that comes with dentures.

Improved oral health: Implants at Sparkle Family Dentistry do not need tooth preparation as dentures and dental bridges. Most of your teeth are left intact, promoting extended teeth health.

Durability: Implants are more durable and last for many years. With good care, they can last a lifetime.

Convenience: Dental implants eliminate the inconvenience of removable dentures. They also don’t need messy adhesives to hold them.

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