Consequences of Neglecting Dental Emergencies

Consequences of Neglecting Dental Emergencies

April 1, 2021

Everyone confronting a dental emergency behaves similarly. Instead of searching for an emergency dentist near me, they hope the problem affecting them will disappear at some time during the day or night. If you are in a similar position, it will help you realize dental issues don’t disappear but fester in your mouth to leave behind significant consequences on your oral health.

If you are affected by a toothache at any time of the day or night, you mustn’t think about how does emergency dentistry work. Instead, you must be determined to collect practical experience and head over to the top emergency dental clinic in Torrance, CA, to have the toothache bothering you dealt with promptly.

The cost of emergency dentistry in Torrance, CA, will undoubtedly concern you, making you believe the dentist near me may provide affordable services. However, what will you do if the dentist near you doesn’t offer emergency services or is too busy to accommodate your appointment when you visit them? You risk getting your toothache to worsen to bring upon you the following consequences.

Nerve Exposure and Discomfort

Toothaches always stem from the nerve at the center of the tooth. The nerve protected by the enamel delivers oxygen and nutrients to the surrounding sensitive tissues. You create an ideal environment for the bacteria in your mouth by having sugar and acidic foods. The bacteria will erode the enamel to reach the tissue beneath, causing a cavity.

A hole in your tooth is permanent, and your body does not have a mechanism to repair it. The nerve within your tooth gradually exposes itself to food, water, and air, increasing its deterioration. This is a time when you experience a toothache, especially when consuming hot and cold foods. You may also experience a throbbing pain or a localized sting when you bite down on the tooth.

Dental Abscesses

A dental abscess starts forming when the tooth infection damages the nerve to enter your gums and jaw. The localized infection is comfortable to notice because it sits at the bottom of the affected tooth. You may experience swelling and heat at the site. Symptoms of a dental abscess are perhaps the last warning sign for you to reach out to the dentist in Torrance, CA, before your tooth fractures.

Severe Infections

Ignore the pain, swelling, and abscess, and the infection behind it spreads through your bloodstream. Severe conditions in your mouth are concerning because they are near to your face and brain. Dental abscesses are life-threatening and can move quickly to result in a fatality. It is why you must have the toothache treated as soon as possible from sparkle family dentistry.

Tooth Loss

Neglect the toothache for long, and you won’t have any teeth left in your mouth. After your tooth loses, its center is no longer is vital to support your bite. Initially, you may notice a crack, but the tooth splits in half, exposing its interior in many cases. When you have a split tooth, it is practically impossible to have the tooth restored with solutions like dental crowns. You must have the tooth extracted and then decide whether you want replacements at exorbitant prices or display a toothless grin. We are confident you wouldn’t prefer the latter because of the embarrassment of dealing with tooth loss.

What Happens When You Neglect a Toothache?

Cavities are often the most common reason for toothaches developing. Unfortunately, they are not the only health problem with these symptoms. Sometimes you may have a toothache resulting from a sinus infection, or it may be an indication of advanced periodontal disease. Heart attacks and earaches also cause toothaches. If the pain you experience results from a severe health issue, a dentist can help rule out a cavity as a first step towards the diagnosis. Therefore you must prevent toothaches from occurring by having on hand a preventive measure ahead of time.

You may think it is practically impossible to prevent a toothache from occurring, which in some instances is genuine. However, when you maintain an excellent dental hygiene routine and visit the Torrance dentist frequently for dental checkups, they can detect issues with your teeth and mouth early to provide a personalized treatment plan. After that, all you need to do is to follow the dentist’s instructions, confident that you have in possession a mechanism helping you to avoid preventable dental emergencies to preserve your teeth for long.

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