A Damaged Tooth Comfortably Restored with a Dental Crown

A Damaged Tooth Comfortably Restored with a Dental Crown

June 1, 2021

If you have a damaged tooth from decay or injury disallowing you to smile, you can contact the dentist near me for restoration, confident you can get one within a couple of hours. If you wonder what dental crowns are, these are small tooth-shaped caps encasing the damaged tooth, significantly if the dentist cannot restore them with fillings.

Metals, resin, porcelain, and ceramics help make dental crowns appearing and functioning like your natural teeth after they are cemented over the damaged tooth. Dental crowns, besides restoring your smile, also help you strengthen the tooth and restore its shape.

Why Would You Need Dental Crowns?

You may research dental crowns near me for many reasons, some of which are mentioned below.

  • You may want to protect a weak tooth from decay from breaking out to keep parts of it together if it is already cracked.
  • You may want to restore parts of the broken tooth or one severely worn down.
  • If you have a tooth with a large filling and without much tooth structure, dental crowns prove beneficial for your requirements.
  • If you have recently undergone root canal therapy, the treated tooth needs protection because it is fragile. Therefore, the endodontist performing the treatment recommends you have the tooth restored with a dental crown.
  • Dental crowns also help cover misshapen or severely discolored teeth besides holding a dental bridge in place or covering a dental implant.

You can choose to have dental crowns over your tooth for any of the above reasons. However, before you proceed to make your decision, you must discuss the restoration with the dentist in Torrance to decide on the type of crown you want to have and any other factors you will like to discuss.

How Will Your Tooth Benefit with Dental Crowns?

When you decide to have dental crowns cover your damaged or decayed tooth, you benefit from the pros and cons of these restorations. Dental crowns hold your damaged or cracked tooth together to protect them from further damage. In addition, the crowns improve your aesthetic appearance while restoring the functionality of your tooth and mouth.

Dental crowns also have a set of disadvantages you must endure because when getting the restorations, dental crowns in Torrance, CA, must permanently file and reshape the affected tooth. The preparation process causes some discomfort and requires local anesthesia during the preparation. You must also endure a temporary crown over the prepared tooth for protection against any damage.

The Dental Crown Procedure

Traditional dental crowns require at least two visits to the dentist to prepare your tooth and permanently bond the restoration to your mouth. Fortunately, the dentist in Torrance provides same-day dental crowns allowing you to complete the entire procedure in approximately three to four hours. Same-day dental crowns are similar to traditional crowns made from ceramic right there in the dentist’s office.

Preparing for same-day dental crowns is similar to traditional dental crowns because the dentist must remove any decay and shape the tooth for a perfect fit inside the crown. However, the fabrication procedure of the crown is different because dentists use a scanning device to obtain digital images of the tooth inside your mouth. The software creates a 3D model of your tooth on the pictures before sending it to an in-office machine that carves your restoration of a block of ceramic.

You can schedule an appointment with the Torrance dentist on the weekend, wait in the office for a couple of hours, get your tooth prepared, and then spend some more time around as your crown is ready for restoration immediately. The same-day procedure prevents the need for temporary crowns and multiple visits to the dentist, giving you the freedom to continue with your regular activities.

Are Dental Crowns Durable?

Generally, dental crowns last for around five to 15 years. However, the lifespan of dental crowns depends on the wear and tear they must endure and your oral hygiene regimen. Your mouth-related habits also have a role to play in the lifespan of your dental crowns. If you frequently clench and grind your teeth, chew ice, and use your teeth to open packages, expect the lifespan of your dental crowns to reduce drastically. However, maintain your oral hygiene as directed by your dentist and visit them for regular exams and cleanings to benefit from the dental crowns for the duration specified by the dentist.

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